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The Illuminati 666




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Behind The Dictators




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The New Age Movement

& The Illuminati 666


Author:  William Josiah Sutton


Find out about the most covered-up organization in the world and their plans for a one-world government. This book was first published in 1983.


This conspiracy goes back to the time of Nimrod, that evil genius who began that ancient apostasy in Mesopotamia. Few realize that the principles and philosophies of that ancient movement are right now playing a tremendous role in the political, economic, and religious aspects of our present society.


The Illuminati 666 brings together many startling, almost unbelievable facts. It is truly a reference book for all students of Bible prophecy and ancient mystery religions.


Paperback: 310 pages

Behind The Dictators


Author: Leo Lehman


An extremely rare book that documents how the Vatican was the driving force behind Mussolini, Pavelich, Hitler and Franco, the dictators of Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s during World War II.


Written by Dr. Leo Lehman, an ex-Catholic priest, in 1942, we know of no other book that documents so clearly the Vatican’s role through the Jesuits, to marshal these forces together as agents to try to build for her a new Holy Roman Empire.


Behind the Dictators makes it perfectly clear that the Vatican is the enemy of lasting peace in this world. This book has been much sought for all over the world, and is now available from Wilderness Publications.


Paperback: 106 pages        Book Preview

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