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Rapture, End-times




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Moral Purpose Prophecy




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The Rapture, The End-times

And The Millennium


Authors:  Standish & Standish


This book takes up issues critical to our understanding of the final events preceding the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, events important to our preparation for His Second Coming.


Issues addressed include matters which are generating a lively debate in Christendom today, such as the Tribulation, the composition of the 144,000, the Seven Last plagues, the Battle of Armageddon, the identity of the Scapegoat, the seventy-week prophecy of Daniel chapter nine, and the Millennium. This book will open the mind of the readers to a clear understanding of areas of the end time which have led to much perplexity among lay people and theologians alike.


Paperback: 378 pages

The Moral Purpose Of Prophecy


Author: Louis Were


Salvation is taught not only in the gospels but also in the prophecies. The true interpretation of the prophecies illustrates how salvation is accomplished, and also strengthens the soul to resist sin. A true understanding of Bible prophecies reveals the gospel teaching that the abiding Presence of the Saviour affords protection and deliverance from hostile foes: victory is assured through the indwelling Spirit of God.


This booklet is sent forth with the prayer that God will bless its readers with a clearer understanding of the moral purpose of the prophecies and with the realisation that Christ the King of glory reigns in the trusting heart and gives victory over sin.


Paperback: 80 pages          Book Preview

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