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8 Laws Of Health




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Education For Excellence




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The 8 Laws Of Health

(Full Colour Booklet & Mini DVD)


Author:  Ellen G. White


Men and women must be taught to take a careful review of every habit and every practice, and at once put away those things that cause an unhealthy condition of the body, and thus cast a dark shadow over the mind. This 18 page full colour booklet with accompanying mini DVD is an excellent resource to give to families.


It contains useful information to help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The DVD is a 9 minute video presentation on the 8 Laws Of Health, and includes highly useful additional software resources such as a complete manual on Health and Medical Missionary work, Natural Remedy Encyclopedia, Food Nutritional Database, and Bible study software.


Paperback: 18 pages (DVD: Duration 9 Minutes, PAL only)

Education For Excellence


Authors: Standish & Standish


Most cultures today face the continued influence of paganistic education. Many who claim to support Christian education nevertheless are not fully aware of the complete contrasts between the two. Christianity wholly defines the curriculum, the teacher selection, the teaching methodology, the extracurricular activities, etc. Its goals, purposes and objectives are entirely different.


This is a book that every Christian interested in the children and youth of today should read. No Christian parent, earnest for the salvation of their children, should miss the opportunity to learn from this book. Both authors are trained educators, from the elementary to university level.


Paperback: 174 pages

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